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A Letter From Wei Dance


Thanks for visiting online hub for Wei Dance.

Wei Dance was founded by Ms. Weiwei Fu, a professional dancer and choreographer who has extensive performing and instructing experience in many forms of dances including traditional Chinese dance, jazz, and ballet. Started as a 5 people dancing class, in just a few years, Wei Dance has become an organization of more than 50 regular members and it is still rapidly growing. Wei Dance members have been invited to many events including Chinese Days in St. Louis, National Dance Weekend, and Chinese Spring Festival Gala. Our performances have also been reported by different Medias in St. Louis.

As of now, Wei Dance offers four classes: Fusion Dance, Wei The Zone, Dancing Yogi and private 1-on-1 class. Each class has different focus and please click on the names to learn more.

I encourage you to look around our website to explore about what we do and learn the ways in which you can improve your overall wellness by being part of us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by submitting the contact form to discuss how our class can meet your fitness needs.

Last but not least, Wei Dance’s growth won’t be possible without the supports from our members and community. A secure PayPal Donation link is placed throughout our website for your convenience of supporting us.

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